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What is yoga?

What is yoga to you?

As much as I love going to a 2 hour yoga class at an amazing studio, or a weekend workshop with my favorite teachers, the true meaning of yoga to me comes in the most unexpected moments.

The long train rides in India, where strangers become family, sharing food and stories has shown me the connection and compassion in Yoga. After the 15 hours of journey, they become strangers again as they leave to continue to their various destinations, without the hope of ever meeting again. This showed me value of non attachment to future and living fully in the moment.

Walking down the colorful streets full of life and energy allows me to be a part of the flow. The hundreds of different kinds of foods show me the rich diversity, all served with the same unified gratitude. This is Yoga to me.

As I walk past a cow, I see a group of women sitting around the tree, chanting kirtan, my ears swallowing down the last sip of prana I can find. The smell of incense and the sound of bells are what have always drawn me back to this land.

Being able to experience India has made my practice so much richer, added so many layers to my Yoga practice and I am keen on sharing these beautiful experiences with you!

Sun, sand and Savasana Yoga and meditation retreat

last few spots available

Live, breathe, believe, revive, relax, renew, grow, transform, laugh, connect, eat, nourish, detox, flow, strengthen, learn. A few reasons for going on a yoga retreat

17th - 22nd December 2017

Mandrem, Goa

$800 shared eco villa

$900 shared nomadic villa


* 2 asana practices daily

* Daily meditation

* Funky, gorgeous accommodation

* Breakfast

* Connect with your tribe of people

* Free time to explore, swim, sunbathe, shop

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