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The wheel of samskara and raw, chocolate, chilli mousse

After a week of learning, unlearning, stretching, growing and eating on an amazing yoga retreat in Abu Dhabi I am ready to embrace clean thinking with my clean eating.

Studying the Kleshas (the causes of suffering) and the wheel of samskara (generalized patterns) samskaras are individual impressions, ideas, or actions; taken together, our samskaras make up our conditioning. Repeating samskaras reinforces them, creating a groove that is difficult to resist. Samskaras can be positive—imagine the selfless acts of Mother Theresa. They can also be negative, as in the self-lacerating mental patterns that underlie low self-esteem and self-destructive relationships. The negative samskaras are what hinder our positive evolution.)

I need to still be true to myself and indulge just a little, No one wants lack of chocolate to be a cause for suffering.

Raw Dark Chilli Chocolate Mousse it is! It sounds like it has some hidden nasties but it’s actually 100% clean, and would kick any sugar laden mousse to the curb!

  • A few avocados blended into a pulp depending on the size of the avocados

  • Some cacao, almond milk, coconut oil & cinnamon

  • A pinch or two of cayenne pepper

  • Manuka honey or rice malt syrup

  • Shredded coconut and LSA (linseed, sesame seed and almond meal)

Put it all in the blender, blend and enjoy!

#samskarachocolatedesertveganrawdesert #vegan #rawdesert #Chillichocolate

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