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How to make Almond Milk in 5 easy steps even when you are not a domestic goddess

For those that have known me when I was younger you may also remember the kitchen is not my natural domain. I was much more a bar and restaurant girl preferring to eat out then cook.

Whilst at Uni my favourite meal was crunchy nut cornflakes with yogurt on top. I'd have this for dinner and somehow think it was a good option. I traveled extensively after university and never had a kitchen at hand. Forward wind 25 years.....I am making almond milk, creating vegan ice pops for all the children and adults in the family, have kombucha brewing, and know my way around the kitchen better then I would ever have imagined. It does not always come easy. I follow recipes, when I can but when I am in places where the ingredients are not available I have had to use my imagination. Interestingly my creations often are magic....Maybe I am more of a natural then I thought. This recipe is my way of making almond milk. It is super easy, I wish I'd tried when I was in Uganda as the shop bought one is so expensive....however you do need really good almonds for it to taste good. Funny that....the better quality you put in, the better you get out, Food, fuel, air......

5 Steps to make delicious almond milk

  1. soak overnight half a cup of almonds in a liter of water. The better quality almonds you can get the better the milk will taste. Sorry Ugandan friends the ones available for you are probably not going to work.

  1. Rinse the almonds well.

  1. Blend the almonds with 5 times as much water. I use my nutribullet. You'll need to let it run for about a minute but remember to give it a few breaks during the minute.

  1. Strain the mix through a bit strainer, any fine mesh cloth or a fine strainer. Use a spoon to squeeze all the fluid out.

  1. Refrigerate and enjoy.

Use the powder you have left for gluten free cake base.

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