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Meet our Yoga Scholarship Student

We are excited to welcome Paska Atim John the first Scholar Prize recipient through our Karuna Journeys Yoga Teachers Training (YTT).

The Prize is presented to an outstanding local individual who shows a passion and commitment to developing yoga as a practice that can bring a form of income as well as impact community wellbeing.

Paska Atim's core values are aligned with ours at Karuna Yoga Journeys. We firmly believe everyone can benefit from the healing and transformative powers of yoga and it should be accessible to all, no matter skin colour, religion or financial status.

She is a leader in her community already sharing yoga with children and women. She has a strong and committed physical practice but is looking forward to deepening her knowledge of the philosophy of yoga, the anatomy of the body and creative sequencing for all body types and levels of yogi.

Paska Atim came highly recommended by local mentors who voiced her love for the practice and drew our attention to what she has been doing in Kenya for the last few years.

We at Karuna Yoga Journeys make an incredible effort to integrate community wellbeing into yoga practice by co-financing Scholars in their YTT programs and we are delighted to have Paska join the training and see how her journey develops.

Paska will participate in the first ever Yoga Teacher Training to take place in Lamu Island from March 20th-April 10th in Lamu Island. This is an exciting venture for the team at Karuna to expand the skills of local, regional and international students in a magical place like Lamu.

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