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How to lose your mummy belly fat even if you are too busy to get to the gym and too tired to care?

Lose your belly fat before the summer season. For new mamas, a whole other different set of physical and lifestyle conditions often accompanies the bliss of loving your new arrival. Luckily I have a few simple solutions to address the most common challenges of being a new mum to help you get comfy in your skin once more.

1) “I am too busy to go to the gym or an exercise class” There is a ton of free stuff online. YouTube exercise classes, join YogaGlo 14 day free trial. Join free online yoga with me and request a recording so you can do it again when the time is right for you. join meeting 6341772614

2) “I am struggling to find the motivation” it's time to start to think about yourself. It's so easy to give give give as a mummy that your own needs get forgotten. Try this,

  • Start by dressing yourself as a runner with the intention of going for a walk, maybe to clear the mind, get some time to yourself or to enjoy nature (keep in the back of your mind that if you decide to run then that's a bonus)

  • Leave the house

  • Start walking at a speed which increases your heart rate .

  • Most likely your body will feel the endorphins and be tempted to take it to the next level. Try it break into a jog or even a run…even if just for 20 paces. Try another couple of times before you reach home.

  • Even if you didn't get far, psychologically you have been for a run. Tell yourself you are proud and that you achieved more than you expected and that you're happy you achieved, thank your body for its amazing effort.

Now you will be motivated to go again. The reason for this is because you gave yourself positive reinforcement and you are more energetically ready, with new energy from the previous run. The muscles will be regaining their memory from previous exercise and enjoying the benefit of oxygen to the lungs, blood, tissues, cells and your mind will be aware that they do not get berated but they actually get rewarded.

3) “I am too tired to exercise” ensure that you stay fully hydrated, tiredness is not helped by dehydration it is easy to get dehydrated whilst breastfeeding.

Start to meditate whilst you are feeding your baby. Studies suggest 20 minutes of meditation is equivalent to 4 hours sleep. When you put your baby down to sleep ignore the washing up on the sink (that can wait) and lay down yourself. I love this 20 minute yoga nidra.

4) “I have no energy” look at your diet, what food choices are you making that are not serving your body. What can you add to your diet or remove to help you with better energy. Avoid processed foods and refined sugars. Click here for Nutrient dense food that will give you an energy boost I use juice plus to bridge the gap between what I know I need and what I actually get. This is my secret weapon for extra energy. It also picks me up after a late night or long

5) “I don’t have enough time to cook well” Preparation is the key. Bake sweet potatoes for the week, boil up a lot of baby potatoes, whizz up chickpeas into humous. Grill a whole load of vegetables to add to salads or as a side dish to grilled chicken. Cook a huge batch of soup and freeze. I make one pot wonders. Glaze onion, add ginger, garlic and herbs, throwing in potatoes or pumpkin, as they start to soften add red lentils, as they start to toast, add water and any other veggies that are close at hand. I love zucchini, carrots, green beans and tomatoes. For an extra protein boost add quinoa as it is all cooking. Wilt spinach on the top. Only 1 pot to wash up!!!

6) “I am not consistent with good food choices” join a tribe of others with the same goals and who are on the same path as you. Community are key for keeping us accountable and for sharing our success and challenges. It's easier to stay consistent when you have someone cheering you on. Once a month I lead a 10 day online health program called shred10 designed to help you reach your goals whether they are more energy, more refreshing sleep, weight loss or general wellbeing. Email me if you are keen to be part of this healthy living revolution tribe.

7) “Fast food is fast and convenient” it is but see if there are ways you can make fast food healthy, fast and convenient. I have smoothies at home when I am short of time and shakes when I am on the go and on the road. I whizz up my complete sachets with frozen banana, frozen berries and kale for a berry blitz or simply add water or almond milk and shake when I am seriously on the go.

Please let me know if any of these resonate with you and any changes you noticed to your body, mind and spirit once they were implemented


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