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An anthropologist in Uganda

Yoga Uganda

Yoga is not about mastering postures in perfection, it is about the process of getting to know your own body, accepting it, loving it, listening to it and anticipating on it. I believe that yoga is about using a position to understand and transform yourself. Your body is your own temple of light, a temple for your soul. Therefore, you have to take well care of yourself. Planning a daily or weekly moment for yoga is like making an appointment with yourself to recognize the importance of self-care and silence in your life, a moment to just be [you].

I am so grateful that I was given the opportunity to teach yoga in Jinja, Uganda. Not only did I meet the most wonderful and loving people, and was I allowed to share my yoga journey with the community, Jinja is the perfect place to (re)connect with yourself and go back to your roots during activating, cleansing and relaxing yoga classes underneath the mango trees.

Feeling the African earth underneath me, carrying the weight of my body, made me feel safe and restored my foundation. Breathing in the warm air, the smell of tropical fruits, gave me a spacious and joyful feeling. Our breath is like a bridge that connects your body, mind and spirit. Pranayama invites us to consciously choose what we inhale and what we exhale. Inhale love, peace, joy… Exhale stress, frustration, anger… Let go. Above all, Uganda has taught me that we can choose to live this moment in darkness or in light, in sadness or happiness, or in gratitude… decide that whatever life offers you, you will always choose the path of light, generosity, kindness, empowerment and unconditional love. You will see that many doors will open for you.

My time in Jinja gave me memories and friends for life. Moreover, it has become home. I would recommend anyone to join us on the path of yoga and enjoy the purity of life in the pearl of Africa, Uganda.

Thank you, Leyla, for welcoming me with your warm and beautiful heart!

‘In giving we find receiving

In forgiving we find forgiveness

In death we find rebirth and infinite life’


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