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Retreat on retreat!

I am writing this from my deck, overlooking the Nile in Jinja after a week of yoga in Nairobi, a find your dharma yoga retreat in Laikipia, a wedding in Watamu and a week of surfing waves and stroking donkeys in Lamu. I remember how inspired and open hearted I am every time I travel.

Stepping out of my routine allows so much space for new ideas and new beginnings, space for spontaneity, freedom, and joy. Space for me to be myself. Space to slow down, connect, pay attention and truly surrender into the beauty of everything I see and do.

My personal journey as a seeker, a humble warrior, as a shiatsu therapist, yoga teacher, and reiki chaneller is based on this universal and individual search for finding my life’s purpose, freedom, happiness and why I am here. Yet my daily life can busy, filled with distractions, (facebook, cooking dinners, coffee) and my decisions made through responsibility instead of tuning into my souls calling.

Travel and retreats encourage me to switch off, not to upload data on my computer or phone. I trust in an emergency I can be reached. I want to be present, to hear the sacred inner voice of my authentic soul, to value myself and my needs. I want to share this profound gift with others.

This is why I am committed to hosting and leading retreats several times each year and of course, I am blessed to spend time with all of those interesting souls who join me.

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