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20 easy ways to live happier

1. I am not interested in what is wrong. I am interested in what is RIGHT. 2. If you have solutions, I'm interested. Come share them with me. I will share mine with you. 3. I've gone bored with shock-jock cynicism. I refuse to sacrifice further IQ points at the altar of the lowest common denominator. 4. FEAR is not my University. 5. Providing a shoulder to cry on is part of my human design. 6. Lies are boring. Us-against-them is boring. Mean, insulting, cutting, bullying, defensiveness, nastiness -- boring, boring, boring...ZzZz... 7. I'm not interested in distracting myself with the illusion of limitation. 8. Debates are for the undecided. I'm happy to discuss. 9. Consensus is my religion. 10. Love is the language of God. 11. I am at peace in the knowledge that at any given time, someone will be completely unhappy with my perspective. 12. I don't need to be "in control". I *do* need to be aware. 13. I'm awake. In this awareness, there can sometimes be pain, loneliness and fear. 14. This awareness does not define reality, but the state of my own reality in that moment. 15. There is nothing on this earth that love cannot heal. 16. I am designed to radiate love. And so are you. 17. I assume the best, as I'm simply not interested in the worst. 18. I do not mistake hyper-vigilance for provision. 19. Anger is a symptom of pain. 20. Love is my bottom line. Danielle Egnew is at

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