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Gratitude appears to arise from a sense that you’re indebted to another person for taking care of you in some way, but looking deeper, you’ll see that the feeling is actually a heightened awareness of your connection to everything else. Gratitude flows when you break out of the small, self-centered point of view—with its ferocious expectations and demands—and appreciate that through the labors and intentions and even the simple existence of an inconceivably large number of people, weather patterns, chemical reactions, and the like, you have been given the miracle of your life, with all the goodness in it today.

Cultivating gratitude

1) Dont take things for granted

Almost daily my husband does something for me that I take for granted but something that makes my life easier and more beautiful. Dont take the oil changes for granted

2) Dwell on what you have instead of what you dont have

You can use your asana practice to begin with. Instead of camparing yourself to the person on the mat beside you and wishing you could fold like they do, give thanks for the strength in your arms in chaturanga. Concentrate on what you have!

3) Stop feeling entitled

Just because it is your cleaners job to wash the dishes does not mean you can be grateful. Say thank you 100 times a day

If the only prayer you ever said in your entire life was thank you this would be enough

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