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Adopt a graceful, mindful attitude to food, eat when you are hungry and choose healthy, natural, nourishing produce that you prepare and cook with love and care. Eat serenly, concentrate on eating and stop when full so you dont feel uncomfortable after. Eat to nourish your body, let eating become a meditation practice and most of all enjoy your meals.

Mindful eating - try eating a breakfast as mindfully as this. It takes forever to eat and you fill quickly

I look at the delicious plate of food in front of me. Creamy oats in coconut milk, mango more creamy and crisp apple balance upon the oats. A rainbow of colours, flecks of cinnamon dance and plump juicy raisins sit waiting to burst in my mouth. I resist the temptation to thrust my spoon into the bowl and shovel into my mouth, looking, looking, seeing, seeing, appetite stimulated, saliva glands secreting, intention to move my arm, moving, moving, spoon glides through oats, observing the line of oats sticking to the spoon, hand moving towards mouth. Tasting, tasting, texture, colour, tasting colour, teeth chewing, raisins bursting, sweetness, juicy, creamy coconut milk. Tongue licking teeth, spoon leaving, mouth closing, chewing, teeth moving, chewing until there Is no chewing to be done. Intent, arm moving to bowl, arm moving, spoon touching porridge, sticky, nutty, arm rising, spoon in mouth, tasting, tasting, crunch of apple, burst of flavour, wetness, sharpness, cinnamon, succulent raisin, coconut cream, heavy, dense, chew, chew, spoon leaves mouth

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