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42 things I'm grateful for on my 43rd trip around the sun

42 Things I’m Grateful for on my 43rd cycle around the sun

Have you ever noticed the older we get the more tempting it is to fall into the societal trap that tells us what we need to accomplish by what age? And when we haven’t accomplished these things we consider ourselves a failure.

Today, I'm sharing 42 things I’m grateful for that make my life rich by my standards, not society's. I encourage you to do the same and believe you are exactly where you’re supposed to be, right now.

In no particular order, I’m grateful for…

…my health

…my husband for allowing me to be

…my enjoyment and ability to adapt to different places, different people, and different ideas with an open heart and mind

…my incredible tribe (local & global) who inspire me, encourage me, do yoga with me and support me

… my job that allows me to share what I love and bend a lot

... corrupt police (yes, white uniforms, compliments and speeding tickets go well together)

… the amount of travel I’ve been able to do for letting me feel what it truly means to be alive parents who let me travel and supported my often crazy ideas

… the ocean and the healing power of water

...the trees, the shade they give

… Ugandan coffee


…My education which allows me to think critically for myself

...Narla, for making me laugh fact for all the pets, pups, cats and dogs I have been blessed having in my life.

…rain, even if the mud drives me crazy I am grateful for the rain that waters the garden and settles the dust veggie patch, how I love checking each morning if somethinghas germinated

...sunshine, being a sun seeker all my life and landing in Uganda is a dream come true, barely a day when she does not shine and breathe life into everything


… social media

… flowers, butterflies, bumble bees

...flavours Cafe for the "go green smoothie"

...the blender for all the other smoothies skin for not burning when I play in the sun

...lindt anything 80% dark

...a home in Cyprus

...tears for helping me express my deepest emotions

...the full moon so I can see the way in the dark

...Books for adding wisdom to my life

...breathing fresh air

...campfires – bush TV endless hours of fun and story sharing for keeping things beautiful

...rainbows, there is magic everywhere

...sunsets as a reminder to stop and enoy the simple things


...Game of Thrones

...receiving a letter

... Sisters who you can run any dilemma by, personal or professional, and get answers that keep you grounded and grant perspective.

...thick photo albums full of memories neighbours slightly burnt rusks, the more burnt the better


...tar roads

Im a few over and I dont care so much to be grateful for. A lesson in appreciation

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