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Dharma - why am I here?

Yoga and meditation have helped me discover who I am and identify my lifes dharma.

Dharma refers to one’s life purpose. It is why we are here, the deeper lessons we’ve come to understand and the gifts we’ve come to offer the world. In the Bhagavad Gita, Krishna counsels a doubting and confused Arjuna: “It is better to do one’s own dharma, however imperfectly, than to do another’s, however perfectly.” In Vedic times, one’s role in society was prescribed depending on one’s caste, whether it was to be laborer, warrior, merchant, or priest. In modern times, especially in the West, when such roles aren’t defined, following dharma challenges us to listen to and follow our inner compass and the wise counsel of trusted spiritual friends.


Yoga has taught me that life is enchanted and beautiful, full of mystery and full of love, magic happens and the universe has your back. It has taught me about courage and faith, how to move past self perceived boundaries. it has taught me to be resilient, compassionate, peaceful and loving. I am passionate about guiding others on their path of yoga, wellness and personal journey.


As I embark upon a new phase of my life, I intend to share the knowledge I have accumulated with others and inspire them to live a happier and more fulfilled life. Namaste



Yoga Teacher Training Calendar 2022
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IN PERSON - Transformational Travel Experience
12 hr YACEP - Lamu March 2022

200 HR YTT Feb - March 2022


The Teachers


Vinyasa flow, yin yoga, yoga nidra


To me yoga is a daily practice of surrendering to the power of now and honoring one’s truth. My teaching style consists of fun, funky flowing asanas that inspire curiosity about the body and invite an internal feeling of awakening. I like to weave pranayama and yoga philosophy into the practice and I am excited when a student transcends their own boundaries.

I believe in the value of conscious movement that cultivates strength, flexibility and awareness. My students can expect to be lead through an intelligent sequence of postures, with hands on adjustments and helpful alignment ques designed to build deeper communication between the body and mind. I am a shiatsu practitioner and reiki level II. My love for the subtle body as well as physical body can be identified in the way I teach. I support the health of the physical body, whilst producing a positive influence on ones inner landscape.”



Vinyasa flow, yin yoga, dynamic meditation


To me, yoga is the freedom of being. I love teaching yoga asana and pranayama personalised to every student, giving every single person space to grow and express. My style of teaching is creative flow, though in the recent few months, I have moved towards teaching basics. I truly believe that to be "advanced" in any aspect of life (including yoga), you have to perfect your basic. Translating yogasana into real life situations is what I enjoy the most. Being a biologist, I also firmly believe that there is no one size fits all in anything in life. Currently, I am working on devising a program that helps us use yoga as a tool for personal development and growth. My aim is to make impact, and to facilitate teachers not just to teach yoga asana, but also create an empowered and thus empowering community.

Payal is a biotechnologist turned Yoga teacher 

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Vinyasa flow, Trauma Sensitivity in yoga, yin yoga, Yoga Nidra

Since 2001, Sophie has been evolving her spiritual, emotional and physical relationship with yoga — a practice which has emerged as her primary source of grounding, connection and healing. Her training includes a 200 hour YTT in Costa Rica with Sonic Yoga (2014), a 200 hour YTT in France with Liquid Flow Yoga (2017), and trauma-sensitive yoga trainings with The Minded Institute, Off the Mat (Hala Kouri) and OMPowerment. In 2016, Sophie developed Healing and Resilience Through Yoga (Hart Yoga), a yoga-based psycho-social treatment approach currently being implemented with survivors of human trafficking.

Sophie is grateful to the core teachers who shaped the contours of her practice and, most importantly, showed her the boundless generosity of spirit, especially Dana Flynn (her first teacher – what a gift), Simon Park, Gopi Kinnicutt, Jodi Boone and Barbara Verrochi. For inspiration, acceptance and support she is forever indebted to her sister-teachers in Uganda: Leyla Ahmet Meredith, Payal Gori, and Angela Inglish-Gill. Sophie’s teaching style uses fluid movement, consistent breath, and creative sequencing to gently challenge practitioners of all levels.
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Vinyasa flow, yin yoga, yoga nidra

Sarah is our anatomy teacher on our 200 hr YTTs.

Sarah is a doctor and is mostly busy saving lives which is why we don’t have a bio for her. When she is not saving lives she is a RYT 200 having taken her training in 2018 with Karuna Yoga Journeys.

Sarah makes learning anatomy fun and accessible for all.

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Vinyasa flow, yin yoga, yoga nidra

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