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The smiles on faces, the hugs and the words of gratitude are some of the reasons why I love what I do. Here a few student share about their Yoga Teacher Training and opportunity to travel and create an impact in less served communities.

Aptly named; The compassion experienced in this training was so powerful, and one of the greatest lessons of yoga I have experienced. The instructors, Payal and Leyla, lead by example, sharing their beautiful selves with students before, throughout and after the training. Their knowledge and yoga journeys compliment very well, giving students a array of insight and experience to learn from. It is inspiring to see how they continue to learn from each other, as well, as they continue training- proving that the journey never stops.

I appreciate the depth of this course, covering yoga from all angles, and reaching beyond asana and pranayama; lectures on anatomy and discussion of history and philosophies surrounding the practice brought a deeper understand and interest which has enhanced my personal practice and given a better understanding of how to create and deliver whole, balanced classes to others. The structure gave time to all aspects, with each session bringing back the key concepts of intelligent sequencing, alignment and adjustments. Beginning each morning with meditation opened each day with a sense of openness and transformation.

Going into the training I did not know if I wanted to teach; throughout, I was able to grow and explore in my own practice and experience on and off the mat. Bringing together an amazing community, learning from each other became the key practice, and one that I trust will continue. As yoga does, this training taught me more than how to teach asanas and meditation- this was a space of growth, healing, love and guiding it all, compassion. Now with more confidence in my own abilities and voice, I know that I can teach, and feel excited to continue doing so. I hope to be able to participate again in such a training, but feel so supported and loved by those that I practiced with here. ~ Jess

This yoga teacher training was pure compassion, pure joy and pure love. The lead teachers Payal and Leyla are two beautiful souls, each with her own approach to yoga which makes them such an amazing duo complementing each other in every way. A really comprehensive course structure gave us all the tools we needed to start our journey of teaching yoga and sharing it with others. From daily meditation, pranayama and asana practice to lectures and practical classes with particular focus on alignment, intelligent sequencing and hands-on adjustments, this YTT not only informed and enhanced my own practice beyond measure but also helped me to understand what is important when planning and teaching a class.

Discussions on yogic philosophy opened my mind and heart to ancient concepts and how to apply them in this day and age. We were introduced in detail not only to vinyasa flow yoga but also to yin yoga and the concept of working on the meridians. It has been an incredible month of growth, self-exploration and – transformation, from yoga student to yoga teacher with equal amounts of confidence in ourselves to go out in the world and start sharing this beautiful gift of yoga as well as humbleness and a commitment to never stop learning. ~ Sabrina

I’m so proud and happy to count myself as one of the first Karuna graduates! The course took place in the most powerful location – the Source of the Nile – and we were lucky enough to practice meditation and yoga a few meters from the river banks every single day. Payal and Leyla are such amazing human beings, sharing their knowledge and wisdom with a lot of humility and complementarity. They introduced teaching practice as soon as the very first days of the course and I left four weeks later feeling completely ready to teach. I have taught since, only a few weeks after the course ended, and have felt very comfortable doing it. The structure of the course was great – mindful of everyone’s capacity and learning processes, and built with so much love and awareness. Guest teachers introducing trauma-sensitive, restorative, SUP, Baptist or children yoga brought incredible value to the course, demonstrating the wealth of diversity and benefits of yoga. I particularly enjoyed the small, cosy group of 7, which allowed for so much friendship, support, understanding and sisterhood to grow <3 Finally, very important bonuses – lots of bonfire and poi fun and the most amazingly deliciously mouth-watering vegan food you’ve ever (EVER) had in your life. ~ Marie

I spent one of the best months of my life this June 2017 at Karuna Yoga Shala, learning and growing into a better Yogi, and I think, an even better person.

Surrounded by a small and intimate group of women, who quickly grew to become my sisters, I was introduced to yoga philosophy, human anatomy & intelligent sequencing that have deepened my own practice as well as enhanced my teaching capabilities. Workshops from guest teachers added fresh perspectives on yoga, and introduced us to different ways to apply yoga, from trauma relief, restoration to engaging children, making the course content very well rounded and diverse. There was never a boring day!

I especially loved how our classroom would sometimes be outdoors, giving us the chance to learn and practicing in nature, which was so refreshing for my entire being. The food was some of the most delicious vegetarian meals I have ever had, and totally turned me on to vegan eating, and inspired me to keep it up even after the end of the course.

Payal and Leyla are phenomenal teachers ! The experience and knowledge that each of them contribute makes them a dynamic duo that beautifully compliments each other, I am so honoured to have learnt with them. Even before the course started, I had their support and encouragement in my fundraising effort to afford the Teacher Training Course, which I greatly appreciated. Genuine, wholehearted, and so full of love and light, they are easy to fall in love with.

I hope the Karuna Yoga Shala continues to grow, creating a family of thoughtful and compassionate Yoga teachers across the globe ! ~ Liz


The Karuna journey experience is one I will never forget and would highly recommend to anyone looking to learn more about themselves, both from an introspective point of view as well as their yoga and meditation knowledge and practise more generally.

The course is aimed at all levels, from beginner to advanced there is something for everyone to take away – whether you want to become a teacher or not. I was one of the students who had been practising yoga for the least amount of time (a year and a half) – yet I never felt that I couldn’t keep up.

When I signed up, I had little intention of becoming a yoga teacher, I went to improve my yoga practise and understanding of myself, now I am teaching yoga at my company and weekend classes to friends! I feel empowered that I know have a skill that can empower communities! Leyla and Payal have the ability to teach professionally, whilst making you feel comfortable.

They have now both become very good friends and I aim to keep in touch with them forever! The community you build from attending Karuna is invaluable, I have made so many close friends around the world who I feel connected to whether I speak to them regularly or not. I know I can reach out for emotional support at any time receiving love and encouragement whenever I need it. I wish I could do it all over again…Please don’t forget me and the time we spent together!


The YTT has rekindled my love of learning, (trying to) make time each day to slow down and breathe, and to work on the projects that are important to me like writing and guru-seva. Paul 2018

To be able for teachers to hold space for all the shifts happening in the students, all the different energies, all the work to be done and yet remain calm, graceful and inspiring is something that I was lucky enough to experience and witness with Leyla and Payal. Remarkable teachers, true teachers. Thank you. Angeline 2018

It was very special 3 weeks journey, personal and in a group way. The sense of harmony and love was the predominance and it was a very beautiful place to learn about yoga, ourselves and the others. I highly recommend it. Agustina 2018

Having been a yoga teacher for the last twenty five years, the Karuna Yoga Teacher Training came to me as a special gift. It felt like coming home: I was challenged, inspired, held and my practice has found new life. I am so grateful and full of joy to be part of the Karuna Yoga family. Thank you for creating and holding this space. Christel 2018

I am happy to be part of the Karuna family, as Karuna YTT made me look at yoga in new light. The training was comprehensive, very well designed, and Leyla, Payal, Sophie and Sarah all have this great gift for passing their knowledge on us in fun, kind and apprehensible way. And mainly, Karuna YTT created community of people sharing knowledge, practice, fun and supported each other in every step of our journey. Katerina 2018

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