Why go on retreat?

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I am writing this from my balcony, overlooking the Mediterranean sea in Cyprus after a month of bush and beach in the most magical spots in Kenya. Laikipia bought hot days and cool evenings, delicious meal under the stars, yoga, animal flow, wild walks amongst zebra and giraffe, ocean swims with whale sharks and dolphins, sunsets and sunrises and deep meditation. I can't believe it is mid April 2022 and I am lucky enough to be on the beach already. In my positive bubble I am planning the events I will be attending and leading for the rest of the year and remembering how inspired and open hearted I am every time I travel. I have missed the freedom, I have missed the spontaneity, I have missed the hugs, I have missed learning and being inspired by others and I have missed educating and empowering in person. Blimey the last 2 years have been harsh!


Stepping out of my routine allows so much space for new ideas and new beginnings, space for potential, the unexpected, and joy. Space for me to be myself. Space to slow down, connect, pay attention and truly surrender into the beauty of everything I see and do. 


My personal journey as a seeker, a humble warrior, as a shiatsu therapist, yoga teacher, and reiki chaneller is based on this universal and individual search for finding my life’s purpose, freedom, happiness and why I am here.
Yet my daily life can busy, filled with distractions, (facebook, cooking dinners, coffee) and my decisions made through responsibility instead of tuning into my souls calling.


Travel, trainings and retreats encourage me to switch off, not to upload data on my computer or phone. I trust in an emergency I can be reached. I want to be present, to hear the sacred inner voice of my authentic soul, to value myself and my needs. I want to share this profound gift with others.

This is why I am committed to hosting and leading retreats several times each year and of course, I am blessed to spend time with all of those interesting souls who join me. 

El Karma Lodge, Laikipia, 
29th September - 3rd October 2022
Options to add on Lamu before the Yoga Festival

Are you living with courage? Are you living with curiosity, playfulness and spontaneity? Are you living a life that is joyful, abundant and nourishing? When we experience the world through the veil of maya (illusion and duality) we lose our connection to Self, our ability to identify what is important to us so we can live our happiest, most fulfilling life.

During this 6-day 5 night retreat we will dive deep into the practices of yoga and explore the 5 elements to reinforce our connection to mother nature

Bhūmi (earth), Jala (water), Agni (fire), Vayu (air/wind), and Akash (aether).


Whether you are a devoted yogi or new to the path this retreat has something for you. More than Yoga, it is a unique blend of wellness and wilderness.

Discover how to nourish yourself physically and mentally through movement, inspiring conversation, prana dense food and tools to express your authentic voice. Lots of simple ideas and tips for you to take away and incorporate into your life so the good feelings exist after we say kwaheri.

This retreat is a modern wellness experience for anyone looking for an unforgettable experience.

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Rejuvenating Mornings

Wake at dawn, coffee/tea, guided bush walk or snuggle up for a game drive, Vinyasa Yoga in various places, game drive or run back to the lodge for a healthy and vibrant breakfast and an opportunity freshen up.


Educational and bliss filled Afternoons

Late morning we will gather for educational talks, unique goal mapping workshops including ways to access our authentic voice and build courage using yogic tools. After lunch there is plenty of time to delight in the colourful array of birds and resident wildlife around the camp. There is a bush spa where you can pamper yourself or take a dip in the pool.


Star Filled Nights

Before sunset we will gather for the final practice of yoga or meditation and sundowner at a new location each evening. Dinners will either be in the bush or in various locations around the lodge.

Expect fireside heart opening chats, Yoga Nidra beneath big skies and to roll into bed full of joy and contentment.


Conservation focus

This retreat is in partnership with the El Karama Conservancy and all Conservation Fees will go toward important conservation projects. During your stay, you’ll be learning about some of the projects they are funding, how important every ant, dung beetle or lizard is to them and how they have supported their staff during Covid. Conservation Fees are included in the price.

In Lamu we are supporting safari vets.


The yoga

All sessions will be around 75 minutes long and will take place in various locations throughout the conservancy. There is a chance the classes will be visited by elephants, giraffe or zebra so you may need to pause mid down dog to watch them gently cruise through! Yoga mats are provided for you but feel welcome to bring any extras you love like blocks, straps or cushions. Expect fun, creative vinyasa flow with Leyla's signature unique transitions to get you out of your head and into the moment. There will also be gentler, soothing yin yoga for the ultimate juicy stretch and animal flow for those wanting something a little more powerful.

Modifications will ensure the classes will be suitable for everyone.

Meditation, chanting and pranayama will be weaved throughout the retreat for the ultimate yoga experience



Group sessions provide a forum for participants to learn from Amina as well as from the personal journey of others.


Topics discussed range from identifying and reaching your goals, hormonal imbalances (e.g. menopause, fertility, thyroid, etc), autoimmune disease, gut disfunction, reaching your ideal weight and overcoming cravings. Together we develop a private space for people to interact, share and support each other. Knowing that there are others on a similar journey will help you develop the confidence and motivation to overcome whatever your challenges are.


Through the workshops and discussions we will develop deep connections, and make new friends, where we can support each other and reach our goals faster.

Lamu will be more relaxed. Time to walk in the sand dunes, swim the channel, read in a hammock yoga, chanting and meditation and a well deserved sundowner at Peponi after the 3 days detox in Laikipia

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4 nights accommodation at El Karama Lodge

2 nights accommodation at Jua House (Bed and Breakfast)

All vegetarian meals - 3 per day 
whilst in Laikipia

All meals, snacks & beverages, no alcohol at El Karama

​Bush dinner under the stars

All homemade soft drinks/juices/herbal 
teas/coffees/water - unlimited 

All activities using lodge cars and guides - 

All private El Karama Airstrip Transfers 

Conservation Fees

Use of all lodge facilities including Wi-Fi, 
Swimming pool, Grass Yoga Platform in Camp, Meditation Area, Supplementary, Yoga Mats

4 Internal Flights

All ground transfers between airports and lodges,

Yoga and mediation daily with Leyla

Wellness chats and goal setting educational content with Amina

Food demo and instruction with Amina

Organic Shamba and tisane creation with Sophie

Not Included: 

Alcoholic beverages 
( We advise no alcohol until the last night in El Karama)

Flights: international


Nairobi hotel or transfer (we can assist)

Optional Day Trips or Add ons like 
Beauticians and treatments

Single occupancy £4077

Shared occupancy £3388

Enquire for the best way to pay


Single occupancy $1697 before end July

Shared occupancy $1397 before end July

Single occupancy $1797 after end July

Shared occupancy $1497 after end July