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Why go on retreat?


I am writing this from my balcony, overlooking the Mediterranean sea in Cyprus after a month of bush and beach in the most magical spots in Kenya. Naivasha bought hot days and cool evenings, delicious meal under the stars, cooking workshops, heart opening conversations, yoga, wild walks amongst zebra and giraffe, In Lamu we celebrated International Women's day. It was an opportunity to connect with old friends and meet some of the wonderful characters that have been there for many years . I also enjoyed ocean swims with whale sharks and dolphins, sunsets and sunrises and deep meditation. I can't believe it is mid April 2023 and I am lucky enough to be heading to the beach on my own doorstep


Stepping out of my routine and going on retreat allows so much space for new ideas and new beginnings, space for potential, the unexpected, and joy. Space for me to be myself. Space to slow down, connect, pay attention and truly surrender into the beauty of everything I see and do. 


My personal journey as a seeker, a humble warrior, as a shiatsu therapist, yoga teacher, and reiki chaneller is based on this universal and individual search for finding my life’s purpose, freedom, happiness and why I am here.
Yet my daily life can busy, filled with distractions, (facebook, cooking dinners, coffee) and my decisions made through responsibility instead of tuning into my souls calling.


Travel, trainings and retreats encourage me to switch off, not to upload data on my computer or phone. I trust in an emergency I can be reached. I want to be present, to hear the sacred inner voice of my authentic soul, to value myself and my needs. I want to share this profound gift with others.

This is why I am committed to hosting and leading retreats several times each year and of course, I am blessed to spend time with all of those interesting souls who join me. 

22nd JANUARY - 29th January 2024 
2024 Retreat pic_edited.jpg

Gujurat Mindfulness Retreat was created as a yoga and culture retreat that transports yogis outside of their studios to further develop their practice while discovering the colorful and enchanting landscape that is Gujurat

Born in Gujurat, Payal Gori will return to the heart of her ancestral soil to guide you through a place very dear to her heart and soul. She will gently switch between at least 6 languages each day, to communicate with drivers, organize cars, discover temple opening times, food ingredients, where to get chai and anything else to ensure that you have nothing to worry about other then enjoying the unfolding journey.

Leyla Meredith will lead the asana, meditation and pranayama sessions. They will be a variety of yin and yang depending on the day and space available. Please note asana is not the focus of this retreat mindfulness is.


Whether you are a devoted yogi or new to the path this retreat has something for you. More than asana, it is a unique blend of movement, meditation, service and wellness

This retreat is a modern wellness experience for anyone looking to respectfully explore a culture and way of life very different from your own 

We want our retreat to be a journey for our guests. A journey into wellness and mindfulness aswell as a journey to new lands and cultures. 



Rejuvenating Mornings

Wake at dawn, coffee/tea, Vinyasa, Yin Yoga or japa meditation and chanting in various places, delicious local breakfast and an opportunity freshen up.


Fun and bliss filled Afternoons

Whether we are partaking in a cooking class, or learning how to block print or exploring the desert our afternoon will be a colourful aray of art and culture


Star Filled Nights

Expect fireside heart opening chats and dancing, Yoga Nidra beneath big skies and to roll into bed full of joy and contentment.


Conservation focus

This retreat is in partnership with the cottage Industries of Gujurat. During your stay, you’ll be learning about some of the projects we are  funding, how important every dollar that you spend is.


The yoga

All sessions will be around 75 minutes long and will take place in various locations throughout the retreat. Please bring you yoga mat and any extras you love to practice. Expect fun, creative vinyasa flow with Leyla's signature unique transitions to get you out of your head and into the moment. There will also be gentler, soothing yin yoga for the ultimate juicy stretch. 

Modifications will ensure the classes will be suitable for everyone.

Meditation, chanting and pranayama will be weaved throughout the retreat for the ultimate yoga experience



Single room $2349
Shared room $2189

Deposit of $600 required to secure your spot
Message for options to pay with instalments.

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