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Karuna (करुणां – Karuṇā) Yoga Journeys is very happy to announce its 200 hrs Yoga Teacher Training 

Fully online or options to join us for part B in Kenya

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Take the entire training online in the comfort of your own home (or head to a retreat space of your choice to indulge in learning) Options to attend each day as planned or to watch recordings in your own time and to self pace.

14 days Part 1 Online: February 2022

6 days Part 2 Kenya:  March 2022

6 days Part 2 Online: March 2022


This is a 200 hour Yoga Alliance Certified Training in The art of Vinyasa yoga and creative sequencing


During the training you will learn how to integrate the movement of the body to the rhythm of the breath with a deep understanding of the physical body, energy body and authentic alignment. There will also be an introduction to Yin Yoga and Trauma sensitivity in yoga.

This yoga teacher training will allow you to integrate the ancient wisdom of yoga into a modern day, creative, accessible practice. It will take you on a journey of self love, self discovery and transformation. You will deepen your knowledge and experience of yoga and emerge with a stronger, truer understanding of who you really are.

This training is so much more than just learning yoga poses and being able to teach asana. Yes you will learn alignment, intelligent sequencing, anatomy, how to cue etc but more then that you will embrace the responsibility of leading yourself and others into a healthier more whole way of life.


Part 1 Online: 14 days February 2022

The training starts in the comfort of your own space, whether that is your home or you take yourself away to retreat. There will be pre recorded asana practices and meditations that you get to keep, as well as pre recorded chats on philosophy, the subtle energy body and the mind. This portion will also include live lectures in anatomy, philosophy, aligning the person not the pose, bio individuality, techniques and teaching methodology


Part 2 Residential: 6 days March 2022

The second portion of the online training will be focused on you developing and trusting your authentic voice, exploring how the body moves, how to intelligently theme and sequence, we will dive deeper into philosophy and unravel the layers of our minds and hearts.


Part 2 Online: 6 days March 2022

Similar to Part 2 Residential 


The world needs more good yoga. We strongly believe the work we do is some of THE MOST valuable, important work on the planet. We are changing lives. And, we are changing the world. Impacting the communities we operate in is very close to our heart. Every YTT we offer a scholarship place to someone we believe will take the TTC and make a difference to the lives of others with it. Sometimes this is a local community member, other times we offer the certification to a person working with trauma or in a refugee camp who would not have been able to afford it.


We also strongly invest in the community we are creating long after the final goodbye. Whether it’s assisting with retreat planning and marketing, advising with ongoing studies, helping organize service projects in prisons or linking our Fellows around the globe our community are essential for our happiness.


In March 2020 we launched K.Glo our online zoom sanctuary where Karuna teachers around the world can remain connected and share their practice with others.

In March 2021 we opened Karuna Wellness Studio, Kampala, Uganda a place for connection and healing. Opportunities to pop in for yoga, TRX, dance, pilates, therapy, body work or a cup of coffee.

“In separateness lies the world’s great misery, in compassion lies the world’s true strength.” – Buddha.


The course begins online live February 2022

There will be a period that can be used for catch up.

Part B is in Kenya beginning of March 2022

Part B online March 2022 

The course is structured so that you can live life whilst learning in a way that is harmonious with a yogic lifestyle rather than rushing to meet deadlines that are not meaningful to you


Our course comprises asana, pranayama, vinyasa, yin, mantra and mudra complimented by individual contemplation, group discussions, systematic methods of concentration, and meditation. Students engage in studies and discussions regarding yogic philosophy, anatomy, physiology and psychology as well as practical teaching methods and professional development.



• Learn totally online
• Flexible completion date
• One to One guidance
• Introduction to yin yoga
• Participate in trauma sensitivity workshop

• Uplifting and supportive community

• 60% of the content is prerecorded and held in a state-of-the-art course management platform (thinkific) for you to watch and review anytime - all you need is internet


What’s included

• 2 daily yoga classes pre recorded or live
• Meditation and pranayama session each day

• Vinyasa, Yin, Yoga Nidra and guided meditations
• Tuition fee
• Yoga Alliance certificate upon completion
• Course materials
• Pre-course and post course support
• Dedicated and passionate teaching team

• The business of Yoga, running a studio or developing an online presence

• Frameworks for yoga as a path towards holistic health and mind-body-brain-heart well being

• Yoga history
• Discussions on cultural appreciation and appropriation




Fully online 200 hr YTT includes live discussions and pre recorded practices for you to keep –

Before December 31st 2021 $1697 or £1350

After December 31st 2021 $1797 OR £1397

First payment to secure your place $197

Second payment to be received 90 days before the training commences.

Full payment to be received 30 days before the training commences.

Hybrid training partly online and partly in Kenya

Before December 31st 2021 $2397 or £1857

After December 31st 2021 $2597 or £1997

First payment to secure your place $197

Second payment to be received 90 days before the training commences.

Full payment to be received 30 days before the training commences.



Recommended Reading – Most helpful to have prior to the training available on kindle

· Functional Anatomy of Yoga by David Keil

Buy on Amazon

Buy on Book depository

Recommended lovely reading during the training or for a lifetime after

· The Heart of Yoga by Desikachar

· Yoga Sutras of Patanjali by Satchidananda.

. Teaching Yoga: Essential Foundations and Techniques Mark Stephens

· Prana and Pranayama By Swami Niranjananada Saraswati

Course information

·       Holistic Approach

The holistic approach explores yoga as a vehicle for vibrant health, personal empowerment, and total well being. Karuna Yoga Journeys combines modern-day biomechanics and research-driven science with ancient teachings. You will leave with an understanding of anatomy, alignment, and modifications that are more relevant to the lives we lead today that will keep your body safe for a lifetime of practice.


·       Personal Transformation

KYJs non-dogmatic approach doesn’t tell you what to think but gives you the tools to think for yourself. A discussion gently questions dated yoga philosophy, traditions, and the patriarchal approach and asks students to consider how things can be done better. The emphasis is on yoga as a practice of radical self-love and compassion, encouraging body positivity, unconditional acceptance, personal empowerment, and true mind-body-spirit health and wellness.



·       Learn to lead with safety, creativity, and confidence, reflecting your own authentic voice. Whether you are doing the course to understand yourself better and for self practice or to lead others it will significantly boost your confidence.


·       Interactive Online Learning and Lifetime Access

Join a life-changing, exciting, and accessible content with affordable, flexible, and self-paced delivery. The program is totally flexible and designed so you can live life whilst you study. Qualify within 3 weeks or self pace with ongoing support for a period of forever. All  material will be uploaded onto our teaching platform Thinkific for easy access and to track your progress. With dynamic discussion boards and conversations between students and teachers.



·       Personalized Teacher Contact and Uplifting Community

The daily live zoom sessions, interactive group platform, and individual meetings with Leyla or Payal create a personalized approach to online learning. Joining a conscious loving community of support improves completion rates. Getting to know like-minded yogis just like you keep you motivated, engaged, and connected.



·       Karuna Yoga Journeys  will help you establish a consistent practice of meditation and find the mudra and pranayama that helps you concentrate better



·       Explore anatomy and biomechanics specifically relevant to the yoga practitioner and drills to keep the body strong, mobile, flexible and safe


·       Learn to help your students deepen their practice, access new poses with self-assurance and confidence



Yoga History, Philosophy, and Mythology

·       Dive deep into the transformational and time tested philosophy of yoga. The philosophy provides a road map that will help you build mindful awareness, elevate your perspectives, create radical shifts in your life, connect to the deeper aspect of yourself, and find more lived moments when you feel truly and wholly well.


·       You will dive deep into Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras, The Bhagavad Gita, yoga history, and explore Yoga Mythology through story as a way to gain insight into the human condition.


Current Research

·       Karuna Yoga Journeys unites the findings from new evidence-based research with experiential research and the ancient wisdom of yoga. Get educated and informed on the true benefits of yoga.


Business of Yoga

·       From building a studio, creating content for a website, marketing, workshops, retreats and trainings. We will share all our unedited experience, invaluable tools, insights, and strategies to launch your career, generate students, keep you legal and get you out there .

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