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Join me every Wednesday in our zoom online sanctuary

Meeting Id number 8567527347

EAT 7pm

UK time 5pm

Whatsapp for log in password +905338576331

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New for 2021 Online masterclass

Saturday 26th June 2021

2 hour masterclass using techniques for fascia release. Our fascia is our friend and will assist our body in morphing into whatever shape we spend most time in. So if we spend a lot of time hunched over a computer our front body will shorten and our fascia will grow in that shape to support it.

This class is designed to help us understand our posture and ways we can help ourselves find freedom and comfort.

You will need coconut oil or similar

A smooth shell or ceramic spoon for gausha

2 x tennis balls or rubber balls that are pretty solid

A wall

A strap or belt or sarong

A few blocks or books

A yoga mat

A journal

A sense of curiosity and fun

8am - 10am UK time

10 am - 12 noon East Africa 

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