Yin Yoga Teacher Training – 300 Hours

Karuna Approaches to Yin

25th Oct 2020 – 22nd Nov 2020

Yin Yoga comprises of long held passive floor postures that invite stillness into our otherwise naturally fast paced lives. Mentally and emotionally, yin yoga gives us space to relax and time to contemplate. Physically this practice helps us explore and expand our range of motion, tap into our parasympathetic nervous system and find resilience in stillness.

Though the idea of yin originates in Daoism, the practice of yin yoga is fairly modern and has many interpretations. Some teachers teach yin with the approach through TCM, some through meditation. Another approach to teaching yin is through understanding the body and skeletabilty/bio-individuality and functional anatomy. Meditation and subtle body is also a beautiful approach to teaching Yin.

At Karuna, we look at Yin postures as the fixed centre and the different approaches to the practice are categorised in our modules.

All the modules will learn basic poses, how to teach and modify the practice, how to create and theme a practice and how to lead with grace. We have specially distributed the topics in this way so regardless of which module you do, you will be well equipped to teach a full, safe and wonderful class.

You can do all 3 modules at a stretch or over 2 years to receive your 300-hour certification from Karuna (accredited by Yoga Alliance). You can also do individual modules that will add YACEP to your existing credentials or if you are particularly interested in a topic. Our purpose for hosting these modules is to provide as much of varied education to you as we can, so you find what resonates best with you! All modules are independent of each other but also wholesome when studied together.

Module A

Yin Yoga – A TCM Approach and Introduction to Meditation

100 Hours

Learn to lead Yin yoga through the knowledge of meridians and elements. TCM provides a beautiful and therapeutic basis to teach this practice as well as create sequences.

Explore the elemental cycle of creation and how to use ancient wisdom in a modern understanding in your practice and class.

Yin and yang – its impact in our lives and practice.

Includes introduction to meditation – Understanding the mind and using it as a tool for growth for yourself and your students.

Includes techniques of meditation as well as guided meditation.

Shape Clinic

Lead trainers: Payal and Leyla

Module B

Yin Yoga – A Functional Approach

100 Hours

In this module you will explore the poses and the approach of functional anatomy.

You will learn the anatomy of major muscle groups and skeletabilty – which is the individual differences of the physical body that affect our practice and life.

Learn the various modifications to make the practice accessible and beneficial to every body type. You will learn to observe how poses are expressed and are beneficial to people differently based on their body and mind.

Develop a deep understanding of how the body works and moves and the impact of it on the mental and emotional body.

Explore the different approaches to subtle anatomy (the 5 bodies and chakra meditations)

Shape clinic

Lead Trainers: Benny, Payal and Leyla

Module C

Restorative, Trauma Informed Yoga and Yoga Nidra

100 Hours

This module will be focussed on trauma, its affect on the physical and emotional body and how to create safe practices that are trauma informed.

You will learn the basics of trauma and how to approach them as a yoga teacher.

It includes restorative yoga, which is different from Yin yoga and is a beautiful way to restore and rejuvenate students through yoga.

You will also explore yoga nidra in detail, theory and how to lead yoga nidra. Yoga nidra is a beautiful and restful practice that encourages relaxation and healing.

Includes myofascial release (MFR) techniques.

Shape clinic.

Lead Trainers: Sophie, Payal and Leyla


Module A – 25 Oct to 2 Nov  – Karuna Wellness Kampala
Module B – Nov 4 to Nov 12 – Karuna Wellness Kampala
Module C – Nov 14 to Nov 22 – Karuna Wellness Kampala

These modules are non-residential. We recommend booking stay at Safari Inn Naguru, Bushpig Backpackers in Kololo or via AirBnb. If you would prefer for us to book your stay, let us know here.


Module A – USD 1309
Module B – USD 1309
Module C – USD 1309

2 modules together – USD 100 = USD 2518
All 3 modules together – USD 150 = USD 3777

This price includes

• Course fee
• Study materials
• Breakfast, lunch and drinking water
• Guest teachers


• Accommodation
• Dinner
• Flights, visas and airport pick ups
• Gratuities

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