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Come join me in Uganda - The centre of the universe


out reach yoga

Out reach yoga

Jinja community yoga

Crow pose, Bakasana learn to face our fears and overcome them

Jinja Community yoga

Twisting crescent lunge Parivrtta Anjaneyasana tones the digestive system, creates stability throughout the entire body

Jinja Community yoga Emily leads

Cobra - Bhujangasana, helps alleviate lower back problems. Saturday morning free practice with breakfast after

Bujagali Lake meditate
Billy Sadia, Itanda Falls

Wild thing - Camatkarasana, Opens the entire front of the body

Jinja relax
Angela and I workshop
Angela and I Kampala
shiva Rea workshop
Esther Waters Crane and I
India 2
India 3
Murchison Falls National Park, Uganda

Upward facing dog, Urdhva mukha svanasana, . Allows us to open our hearts

Kidepo National Park

half lord of the fishes pose. Ardha MatsyendrasanaTwists allow us to see others point of view whilst massaging and toning the digestive system

Jinja Retreat
India 5

Downward facing dog, strengthens arm and wrists. Allows you to see life differently

Beach yoga holiday
India headstand

Sirsasana, headstand - stimulates the 7th chakra

Watamu yoga holiday
infinity, Vamizi Island, Mozambique
Rise, Jinja,Uganda

Sun Salutations with bourganvilla

Taj Mahal

Warrior III, finding balance and harmony

contemplate Watamu

Sukhasana - Simple seated position calms t

Beach bliss, Vamizi,Mozambique

Trikonasana, triangle pose therapeutic for anxiety

lion in tree - Ishasha, Uganda

Join me on a yoga safari

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