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Karuna Kampala Week


4th - 10th February 2019

Sharing the love of yoga

595'000 UGS or $160

• This is a non residential Retreat but we can advise you on where to stay

Situated in the crazy city of Kampala, this retreats intention is to make great yoga, community, love, kindness, yummy food, meditation, inspiring conversations and wellness available to everyone. 

Whats included

• Daily yin and yang asana practices

• Led and silent meditations

• Yummy vegan meals

• Cacao Ceremony

• Mind blowing conversations

• An opportunity to delve deeper into some of the finer concepts of yogic philosophy

• Free time to hang and natter


• Food

• Drink

• Yoga

Leyla and Payal are leading this retreat and super excited to be reunited before their 4th Yoga Teacher Training in Kenya. 

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